Soverato is a commune of the province of Catanzaro placed in the gulf of Squillace to around 25 km. from the chief town of province.  Soverato represents one of the more important tourist poles on the coast jonica, so much to bring upon the appellative of: "Pearl of the Jonio." The historical references are few, but it seems that anciently Soverato called Poliporto (from the Greek Polis-portos) and that, only in 1096 he/she took the name of "Suberatum." In the beach numerous relative finds (Roman coins, containers, etc.) have been found again to a going up again port installation to the Roman period. The sea village disappeared to the arrival of the Saracens and you/he/she was reconstructed in the hill. Following it suffered the dominations of: Norman, Svevi, Angioini, Aragonese, Borgia. In the 1783 Soverato owed face a terrible earthquake and after the reconstruction, toward the end of the century, some inhabitants moved again to harbor repopulating the territory next to the sea.
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