The foundation of Crotone is situated around 700 B.C. to work from the Acheis. The legend narrates that "Kroton", you was killed by the friend Eracle for error. These to honor him, made him bury on the banks of the stream Esaro and then next to the grave it made to rise the city. The city, main point and protagonist of varied legends, were also famous for his athletes (we remember the pluri-Olympic Milone) and for the culture (Pitagora founded a great school to know). Impoverished during the Roman empire, the city resources again in Byzantine epoch. In the modern age the king of Spain Charles V the granted ample privileges, and it made to strengthen the of it I bring. In 1541, the viceroy Mr. Pedro Toledo made to restore and to strengthen the castle. Today Crotone is an important industrial installation and his I bring it favors every activity of exchange, proposing himself as I haul for the agricultural economy and the industrial activities.

Bed and Breakfast "Raffaela", in Calabria in province of Catanzaro on the ionic coast between Cropani Marina and Botricello.
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