The outskirts
The place abandons him on the ionic coast that had anciently served from a street that it always followed the waterfront, departing from Taranto and putting in communication between them the following cities: Metaponto, Heraclea, Sjbaris, Kroton, Scolacium, Caulonia, Locri and Regium.
This street was perhaps the only one that already existed for good part of its length in the Greek age, since it served to the relationships among the rich colonies of the Ionian Sea.  Taken over the Roman domination in Calabria, the street Popilia: Rome-Reggio you/he/she had lengthened from the ionic shore up to Taranto crossing, naturally, the harbor of Cropani-Botricello and you/he/she was called Troianea-Appia, because let from the emperor Traiano built.
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Bed and Breakfast "Raffaela", in Calabria in province of Catanzaro on the ionic coast between Cropani Marina and Botricello.
B & B   Raffaela
Bed and Breakfast Raffaela - Cortile interno