The Dark Valleys
In the area of interest of our bed and breakfast, precisely in the Commune of Sersale, in the province of Catanzaro, the territory of the Dark Valleys and the Raga (500 mt) Mountain is found. The excursion in the Dark Valleys crosses the ancient path known as Street of the Coalmen and the fiumara Liver (descending from the Raga Mountain), whose waters have dug a spectacular canyon.
The Coalmen's path, already in the 800 d.C., it connected four ancient monasteries basiliani.  The canyon has a geologic conformation with unique characteristics in Italy, with tall crevasses, walls of reddish color and the falls. It is, besides, an ideal place for a lot of animal and vegetable kinds, so many of which protected. Among the animal kinds, we signal the real owl, the salamandrina from the glasses, the kite, the gheppio and the Egyptian vulture. It is strongly recommended such excursion.

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