Some hypotheses make to go up again the origin of Catanzaro to an ancient Greek colony that subsequently the ancient Scolacium became; others believe that has risen on the ruins of the ancient city of Trischines. From the archaeological recoveries, it emerges that the territory was inhabited since the age of the iron, from the population of the "Vituli", that the Greek rechristened "Italoi" and governed by the famous king Italo, brother of Dardano progenitor of the troianis. According to the legend the population of the city great-Greek fret of Skilletion / Scolacium (near Catanzaro Marina) migrated toward the inside because of the continuous Saracen raids. It became fortitude and then real urban center to work of the general Flagizio that started the construction of a citadel with an enclosure fortificatoi before. With the time, taken urban form and subsequently it assumed the denomination of Katantzárion.

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Bed and Breakfast "Raffaela", in Calabria in province of Catanzaro on the ionic coast between Cropani Marina and Botricello.
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